Wellspring Days

Siebenquell offers a special form of days of recollection. Brunnentage (Wellspring Days) are days of recollection that employ the narrative biblical method in order to interpret the biblical stories in a way that is new, life-giving and close to life. Narrative Theology appreciates the Bible for its images and metaphors at least as much as it appreciates its thought patterns. 

During a Wellspring Day we want to convey human and divine experiences in the form of stories. We want to survey life from an ultimate perspective. We pose the question as to how we can confirm and nourish the good when it is so easily mixed in with the cruel. During a Wellspring Day we take the biblical stories seriously and observe the subtle movements of their language and their images and their impact on the formation of our personality and on our community.  

Wellspring Days are offered to people of all kinds who have the yearning for more life and more depth. These days take the biblical stories seriously as wellsprings that awaken the deepest and mightiest spiritual potential within human beings. As John Shea has noted, in the telling of the story we ourselves are told.

Without denying everything else that is part of being Church, it is important that Church begins with a people who share their experiences of God and their journey of faith with one another. Thus, our Wellspring Days want to convey an experience of Church that arises, when seekers gather together and engage in the process of storytelling..

Nietzsche eloquently formulated a yearning deeply rooted within »We want to be the poets of our own lives, foremost in the small and the ordinary«.  Siebenquell attempts to serve this yearning through the offer of the Wellspring days. Here we wander through the biblical texts with the same questions and ambitions that humans have when they seek water (life).

Where do we find the water of life? Where do we have to dig, to go deep? What is inside this well? How does it serve our life? How can we mark the place so that we can return when thirst afflicts us anew? Whom do we wish to tell of this? Whom do we meet at such places and what is the thirst we share with them?

All Wellspring Days are offered in German. Special requests for such days in English can be forwarded to info@siebenquell.de

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»Breathe life into this feeble heart:

Living with the Heart of an Adventurer«

Wellspring Days for the First Half of 2014

In Lewis Carroll’s famous children’s story »Alice in Wonderland« there is a line worth noting: »No, no! The adventures first, explanations take such a dreadful time.«  We are often paralyzed by life, because we wait until everything is clear, or because we set up terribly long explanations as a replacement for the mandate of Jesus, »Act accordingly and your will live!«

The Canadian singer Loreena McKennitt gives expression to this thought in the form of a prayer which she places on the lips of the poet Dante.

Oh give these clay feet wings to fly

To touch the face of the stars

Breathe life into this feeble heart

Lift this mortal veil of fear

Take these crumbled hopes, etched with tears

We'll rise above these earthly cares

On these Wellspring Days we will work with biblical stories that seek to awaken the courage to approach life with the heart of an adventurer.

Nächster Abschnitt
Mon 27.01. »How we burn to know who you are?« – Setting out on new paths with desire
Mon 17.02. What is life truly worth to me? – I am responsible and pay the price
Mon 17.03. A Compass instead of a Map – Whereby do I orientate myself and how do I draw life from the ever new?
Mon 12.05. Trust your strength and creativity – even when it gets risky!

respectively from  10.00 – 16.00 h in the Hall of St. Marien, Vallendar / Led by: Rosemarie Monnerjahn and Erik Riechers SAC

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»The Revolution of Tenderness«

Wellspring Days for the Second Half of 2014

Jesus entered this world as a human being. What was the result? Regardless of what the catechism states, for many people the answer is not »life in fullness«, but rather a collection of laws and prohibitions. Pope Francis, in the best sense of the Bible, says that the coming of Jesus as a human being unleashes a revolution of tenderness. In order to deal tenderly with life, so that we do not break what God has made for us, during these Wellspring days we will work on a revolutionary tenderness for ourselves and for the life of the world.

Mon 15.09. Loving Life
Mon 13.10. Protecting Life
Mon 10.11. Serving Life
Mon 15.12. Relishing Life

respectively from  10.00 – 16.00 h in the Hall of St. Marien, Vallendar / Led by: Rosemarie Monnerjahn and Erik Riechers SAC

Nächster Abschnitt

Wellspring Days on Saturday

Sat 14.06. The Heart is never born once and for all: »The Warmth of the Heart prevents the Rusting of the Body« (Marie de Hennezel)
  How quickly we write off life when we get older! Rusting is a constant danger as soon as we equate it with aging. On this Wellspring Day we want to allow our hearts to warm gradually through biblical stories, so that our personal stories of growing older are not marked by rusting, but rather by warmth.
  10.00 – 16.00 h in the Hall of St. Marien, Vallendar / Led by: Rosemarie Monnerjahn and Erik Riechers SAC
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Sat 25.10. »Thou whose glory above the Heavens is chanted by the mouth of babes and infants«: »The Book of Everything« (Guus Kuijer)
  How quickly we write off life in young people! Dismissed as inexperienced and immature, we ignore the treasure that we encounter in the questions about God through the eyes of children. With the help of the book by Guus Kuijer and of fine biblical stories, this Wellspring Day wishes not just to pose, but to honor children’s‘ questions about God, the same questions we carry within ourselves.
  10.00 – 16.00 h in the Hall of St. Marien, Vallendar / Led by: Rosemarie Monnerjahn and Erik Riechers SAC
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