Wellspring Days

Wellspring Days are a special form of days of recollection. They are marked by our pastoral approach through Narrative Theology. It is always our heart's desire that biblical stories do not remain dead letters on the page. On a Wellspring Day we would like to accompany people into the world of biblical stories, so that these stories of God become a source of life, a wellspring. That is why we want to approach these stories of faith on a Wellspring Day in such a way that they become places of life-enhancing encounters between our personal stories and the biblical stories.

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How do I get back home from here?


Wellspring Days 2021

---- As we move into a new year, still ravaged by the Corona virus pandemic, we are still frightened and a little stunned at how easily we got lost. This stubbornly resistant virus has taken away so many of our indisputable certainties. But if it surprised us how easily we got lost, it is all the more worrying how difficult it is to find our way back home. Simply restoring everything back to the way it was before might bring us back to where we once were, but it will not bring us home.

--- In the midst of the crisis, the sound of which Rachel Naomi Remen talks about has arisen:   » Deep inside, our integrity sings to us whether we are listening or not. It is a note that only we can hear. Eventually, when life makes us ready to listen, it will help us to find our way home.«

It raises questions that we never imagined we would be confronted with: Was our former way of life ever really our home? Will the resumption of consumption be enough to calm our insecure souls?

--- St. Augustine writes: » People go into the distance to admire the height of the mountains, the mighty waves of the sea, the long rivers, the huge compass of the ocean, the circular movements of the stars, but they pass by themselves without wondering.« Now the pandemic has made us all reflect on ourselves and our lives.

--- A few years ago I had a long conversation with a young woman who had started studying theology. After one semester she had not found what she was looking for. When I asked her what made her decide to study theology in the first place, our conversation took a sharp turn. She poured out the pain of her life, the mistakes she had made, the pain she had inflicted on practically every person who had ever loved her, and the crushing alienation that had resulted. » I have taken every wrong path that was offered to me. I know my mistakes. My question is, how do I get back home from here? «

--- I do not think that she is the only person to ask this question. Many of us ask this question to varying degrees and for many different reasons: How do we get back home from here?

--- Thus, we offer all our friends what I gave as a response to the young student's question: »The path home is long, hard and complicated. But you do not have to take it by yourself. We will find the path together!«


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The Topics of the first half of the year are as follows:

January What is my home?
February The Experience of Exile
March Turning toward Reconciliation
April What I need to say »Hello« to in my life
May Seal New Friendships
June The Rebuilding of Home

respectively from  10.00 – 16.00 h in the Hall of St. Marien, Vallendar / Led by: Rosemarie Monnerjahn and Erik Riechers SAC

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