Biblical accompaniment within the group

»Bless the largeness within me, no matter how I fear it«

In Sue Monk Kidd's novel »The Book of Ana«, the young protagonist writes a heartfelt prayer in her bowl, which should express what she most desires. Right at the beginning of the prayer she names what she longs for and fears at the same time, namely that the largeness that she holds within her, the dreams, imagination, power and vision, will be blessed. We all have an inner life, carry this largeness within us. But often we are afraid of this largeness and then we will try to suppress, neglect or even deny it. In order for us to free, develop and dare this greatness within us, we offer »Accessible« for the first time.


For each unit we place two biblical stories in the room and draw out the tensions within these texts. After we lay out the stations of the texts in the room, we lead the group through each station. At each station the participants have time to find and locate this station in their life situation and give it a personal name.


The two themes we will tackle in the first half of the year are:

  1. We are driven into a corner from all sides and still find space; How dealing with narrowness of life becomes accessible.
  2. We neither know out nor in, and yet we do not despair; How dealing with despair becomes accessible


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