The Hearth

Narrative-Celtic Week

The hearth is a powerful metaphor for the spiritual quest, for the hearth is the place where the heart is at home. This is the longing in all spirituality: to come in out of the winter of alienation, self-division and exile and into the hearth of warmth and at-one-ness.

(John O’Donohue, The Four Elements, p. 112)



Who cannot identify with these words? Who does not know the longing that dwells deep within these words and the image of the hearth?

In these narrative-Celtic weeks, Siebenquell does not want to simply leave it at longing. Surrounded by a world that draws us closer to creation, entirely in the spirit of the Celtic storytellers, we offer people the opportunity to discover and relish the threefold blessing of the hearth.


Sit down, warm yourself, stay with us and take part: The First Blessing of the Hearth

»In the country, the hearth was the centre of the house. Before the arrival of television or the radio, it was the place at which the family gathered … The hearth was the place of warmth, belonging and intimacy. «

On the Ritten, at an altitude 1000 m above Bozen, we spend a week in which we carry and form the community life with one another. We share bread, experiences and stories with one another.


A Place in which great conversations are given time and space: The Second Blessing of the Hearth

»The hearth was the place where wonderful conversations took place. Today, the exchange of knowledge and wisdom seems to have reduced to the data highway. We forget, that, until recently, culture was passed on by the written word and the oral tradition. In the country, the hearth was the place at which the culture, feeling and intuition of the rural life was shared. This never happened in an analytic or discursive fashion, but always in the form of stories. At the hearth, the stories of our culture were told.«