There is a truth which we human beings know about our thirst, namely, that it will always return. For this reason the Celtic Christians spoke this lovely blessing over their beloved: »May a well be ever close at hand, whose waters quench your thirst for life«. The same holds true for our thirst for stories. We remember that we have heard a story of God or a story of faith, that we have been graced with an interpretation that opened new worlds for us or pointed toward unexpected and new horizons. Then, in the blink of an eye, the thirst returns. We deeply feel the urge to return to the narrative well in order to draw from its depths yet again. The German language CD-series by Siebenquell offers people the possibility to repeatedly draw from the narrative wellsprings of life, to submerse themselves in thoughts and stories that offer orientation for our lives and simply do our hearts a world of good.

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