»God not only loves to hear our stories, he loves to tell his own. And, quite simply, we are the story God tells. Our very lives are the words that come from his mouth. This insight has always fired the religious imagination, refusing to be rationalized or dismissed. The conviction that we are God’s story releases primordial impulses and out of a mixture of belligerence, gratitude, and imitation we return the compliment. We tell stories of God.«  John Shea, Stories of God

For this reason we use this page to regularly offer new stories and reflections out of the world of literature, music and art.

Nächster Abschnitt

More than Autumn Whispers

The rhythm of nature calms my heart

with my having to stand still

I sway

in space and time

and breathe a piece of eternity:



Within us swirls the life that God gave us,

swirls as the dying and the becoming of this earth.


Quietly the fields shine, darkly stand the forests:

Without them there can be no life for us.


Birds in the heights, fish in the lakes:

Without them there can be no life for us.


God's creatures fill hills, fields:

Without them there can be no life for us.


Beautiful in dying and becoming the mother earth swirls,

Bears what she has been given: God's life.*

 *Kurt Marti



Sylvia Ditt

Koblenz, October 14th, 2021