Two Great Questions: Who am I? With whom will I fashion and share life? Youth and Awakening.

Our Wellspring Day on March 26 led us further along the path of practicing life from the inside outwards. The adolescence of a person is physically bound to an age, but spiritually it reoccurs throughout our lives.

And it is always a phase which deals with awakening, maintaining and developing potential. The spectrum is varied: new ways of thinking and seeing, the formation of personal opinions vis-à-vis inherited points of view, the reflection about life, meaning and orientation in the world, otherwise unknown feelings, yearnings, passions…

This process is always confusing, chaotic and turbulent; we move through contradictions and it takes a considerable amount of time.

When we are spiritually caught in this phase, then we must regretfully admit that we often become defensive, because great resistance arises in us. For we are afraid of losing our old securities and we are afraid of losing our inherited interpretations.

Only: without this path, we will never recognise who we are. Without this adventure, we will never become adults. Such »adolescence« desires to awaken depths in us and want to be a gift to us.

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