To Sense the Beauty of Holiness

»How is the beauty of holiness unlocked?« -

This was the question we asked ourselves at the beginning of our October Well Spring Day. So we shared what HOLY means to us.

As people who are deeply formed by the Greek way of thinking, we believe that holiness is recognised by seeing. However, seeing deals with the surface of things, their appearance.

The biblical stories, however, teach us that the first experience of holiness lays in the Word. We garner a trace of the holiness of God through hearing, in that we take in the word, take it up and take it along. God, who is the totally Other, reveals himself in the Word. The command to »hear!« runs insistently throughout all of Scripture.

Thus, Jerusalem stands for the basic attitude that holiness is beautiful and this beauty is to be found in deep interiority. To hear in the fullest sense of the word is to win access to this deep interiority. We all know the experience, when beauty grips us, indeed, moves us to tears.

The access to this experience of holiness can be music, as well as stories and the beauty of language employed to forge words of blessing.

Via these access points, the authentic hearer can experience the beauty of holiness, the beauty of the only true Holy One.

On these paths we can also allow the beauty of holiness to flow on toward others.

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