To feel beauty, even when we don't expect it

The Wellspring Day on September 11, 2017 stood under the motto: »I believe in the sun, even when it isn’t shining«: The unexpected places of beauty.

We entered into the day with the inscription found in the Warsaw ghetto:

»I believe in the sun, even when it isn’t shining.

I believe in love, even when there’s no one there.

And I believe in God, even when he is silent.«

In the course of the day, we created a dialog between the stories. The stories about Käthe Kollwitz touched the stories of the resurrection and the basic structure that lays within them. Władysław Szpilman and his book »The Pianist« was woven together with the stories of the psalms of lamentation. Dietrich Bonhoeffer‘s words coming out of his prison entered into conversation with the words of Jonah coming from the belly of the fish. The story of Janusz Korczak, who voluntarily entered into death with his children, was taken up into story in the Acts of the Apostles where Peter learns and practices the steps of liberation with a messenger of God.

And out of this dialog of the stories we made a rich and deeply impressive acquaintance with the unexpected places of beauty.

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