Shea Course (June 13, 2017)

On June 13, 2017 we held the next Shea Course in the series »Of Blessing and Curse, Scars and Kisses: When Faith and Life tell each other stories«. The topic of this evening was »When the Tradition breathes and does not suffocate«.

In Narrative Theology we are repeatedly confronted by the question, »Who cares?«. A Tradition lives and breathes only when we can say, »This story of the Tradition, which I have inherited, is now my story !« Three steps are important for this to happen.

a). We start with our own personal experiences and stories.
b). We retell the inherited story of the Tradition in the light of our stories and experiences.
c). Then we interpret our story on a new level.

In this way, the Tradition passes on what helps us to live and breathe today.

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