New biblical images

Even those who have only a passing acquaintance with Siebenquell know, that we passionately and intensively work with biblical images.

As John Shea says, we cherish the Bible for its images at least as much as for its thought. All the greater was our joy when Sr. Matthäa Massolle, a  Vincentian Sister from Bad Lippspringe, gave us three gorgeous biblical images which she created as silk batiks. As an artist and as a pastoral care minister to the sick, she combines biblical stories with the visual arts in order to awaken and inspire the spiritual imagination. With a great and heartfelt gratitude  we have mounted the wall hangings in a place of honor in the office of Siebenquell and, even more importantly, we will employ them in our work with Narrative Theology. We extend a heartfelt thanks to Sr. Matthäa, a storyteller in colours and contours, and we share with you a few first impressions.

Mary stood at the grave and wept, Silk-Batik, 2017

Wonders of Touch, Silk-Batik, 2015

Abraham, Father of Faith, Silk-Batik, 2008

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