Looking on the 4th Wellspring Day in 2018

The 4th Wellspring Day of our series »Living from the inside to the outside: Becoming friends with the rhythm of life« led us in April to the path of the great challenge of becoming an adult: From the impulse to the decision to the action:   

Young adulthood and passion.

Throughout life we are repeatedly challenged by impulses that are often unexpected and unplanned. Can we take the necessary steps toward a good decision in order to eventually act in an adult and mature fashion? The path of the young Elisha accompanied us on this day: he is called forth from a farmer’s life by Elijah, consciously follows the call and apprentices himself to the prophet.   

In 2 Kings 2, 1-18 he demonstrates how he steps out of the shadow of his master, finds his own voice and struggles with the objections of his colleagues. He is finally ready to live through the difficult and the sad moment of the definitive separation from his master Elijah. He takes on the legacy, authentic, filled with the Spirit and with a clear view as to the source of his strength. Thus, he now goes his way as a prophet.

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