December 1st: Advent is dawning at Siebenquell.

When God tries to break into our lives, will we be able to say afterwards, »God survived the incursion.« ? Today a new Advent impulse: »How does the name of Mary shine in us?«

Moreover, the »24 words for those who journey« begin today.

Advent is a time not for the sedentary and the immovable, but for the pilgrim, the wanderer and the adventurer. No sooner, do the stories of Advent begin and so much is set in motion. People flock towards the mountain of the Lord. Wobbly knees are fixed, dance is poured into paralysed legs, and roads are made through deserts. An expectant mother carries her child across the mountain landscape of Judea and weary parents walk to Bethlehem to satisfy tax collectors. Angels set out to hold their choir practice over shepherds' fields, shepherds search for a child according to the description of messengers who do not hesitate to disturb our nightly rest and three wise men follow a star.

Accompanied by photographs of Dr. Sascha Nebling, who traversed the Camino Portugues, let one word strengthen us every day, so that we too keep company with the pilgrim, the wanderer and the adventurer.

Every day you can find the photo and the word under »L'Chaim«.

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