A Secure Comfort: Protecting Childhood and Innocence.

On this topic we held the second Wellspring Day of the year on Monday, February 26.

What was Jesus aiming at when he, in Mark 10, 13-16, says, “It is to such as these that the Kingdom of God is given”? Jesus saw and loved something in children that the Father has placed within humans from the very start. It is something essential that belongs to our human life. In the course of the day we worked out the four experiences of childhood that we must secure and keep tenderly in ourselves: Innocence (the wildness of Godin us), the protection of the child and the required space for living, transparency (the openness of heart with which children reveal themselves), and the fact, that children always know that they are not yet finished.

With music, song, silence, stories and art we opened the childhood spaces of the soul and contemplated how important they are if we wish to live healthily, wholly and in well.

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