A narrative-biblical retreat in July 2017

From July 9-15 Fr. Erik conducted a narrative-biblical retreat for the Poor School Sisters in Brakel.

The topic of the week was »Your ears will hear a word« In the intensive encounter with the biblical stories, we reflected on the relationship between fascination and faith, and how fascination with Jesu can lead us onto the path of discipleship. During the week, we looked beyond the inherited interpretations and looked at Jesus from a new and unfamiliar perspective. The biblical stories delivered to us fascinating images to this end: Jesus as goal oriented, Jesus as self-confident, Jesus as someone who forms and fashions life, and Jesus as the person of care. Furthermore, we look at how Jesus can teach us, his apprentices, how to live what he already knows how to do. It was a good week in which one participant said, »That restored my zest for life!«

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